First dance moves

Q: We want to look somewhat skilled during our first dance (rather than just doing the swaying thing), without having to take eight weeks of ballroom lessons or a ton of lessons. Any suggestions?

With some time and commitment on the part of yourself and your partner, you can look comfortable out on the dance floor even without the assistance of dance lessons. First, find a song, two to three minutes in length, that has special meaning to the two of you. Second, find a base move to do. This base movement can be as simple as alternating your feet to the beat of the music. Third, choose three to seven moves that you'd like to include in your dance, the total dependent on how much time you have until your wedding. You can get moves from dance lessons, friends or off the internet. Practice these moves together, first without music then to the music until you can do them comfortably together. Select a finishing move to practice at the end of your dance such as a dip. Just remember to: 1) make the time to practice; and 2) to have fun with the time you are spending together. And, if needed, you can always check in with places that offer wedding dance lessons that aren't eight weeks long. They do exist, and the instructor can help polish your moves before your first dance as a married couple.

Cheryl Jones has been the Director, Choreographer and Instructor at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Anchorage for more than 20 years. Visit or