Hot honeymoon spots

Q: We’re interested in a tropical honeymoon where we can relax after the wedding, but we don’t want to sit on the beach the entire time. Any suggestions for romantic spots with a mix of beach and adventure?

The choices are endless for tropical honeymoons. Here are just a few ideas.

Costa Rica is a great destination for romance with a bit of adventure mixed in. Picture yourselves strolling hand-in-hand along the palm-lined beaches of Guanacaste or frolicking in the warm, tropical waters. Satisfy your inner thrill seeker with an exciting zipline adventure high in the treetops of a tropical rain forest – and slide down a 400-meter waterslide through the jungle. Ride on horseback to the hot springs and treat yourselves to a nice soak in the thermal waters.

Cook Islands (Little Islands of Love) is another perfect location for a honeymoon in the tropics. Relax on the dazzling white sand beaches, or snorkel in the incredibly blue lagoons. It is said that the Cook Islands are what Hawaii was like many years ago: simple and pure. Enjoy the slow pace of island life and upbeat nightlife. Venture into local villages, or kayak to deserted beaches. Each day brings new possibilities.

Travel agent tip: Many couples find it easier and more cost-effective to plan the honeymoon a few days or months after the wedding. This may allow you to take advantage of better air connections to more exotic destinations.

Barbara Price is a travel specialist at ABC Travel Time in Wasilla with over 20 years’ experience planning vacations, groups and meetings. Visit