Memorable receptions

Q: We don’t want our reception to be boring and predictable. What are some things we can do to make it fun and memorable for our guests?

It is important to remember that guests are not only at your reception to show their love and support for you, the newly married couple, but to have fun and be part of the celebration!

Oftentimes guests are forgotten through the formalities of a wedding reception – the father/daughter dance, the mother/son dance, and the cake cutting are often parts of a night that are done one right after the other, interrupting the flow of dancing or guests interacting with one another. Think of the last reception you attended – didn’t that 3-minute song seem to last quite a lot longer than that - especially when there were several in a row?

Instead of having the dances, bouquet toss and cake cutting in a row, like in more traditional receptions, involve your guests – from specialty dances to the dismissing of tables to the buffet line – this way they can be part of the fun! Instead of merely calling table numbers to send guests to grab grub, why not have guests play bride and groom trivia and compete with one another to see which table goes first? Keep the evening flowing by interspersing a Kissing Game with an Anniversary or “Selfie” Dance. Mix up the night by having the bride and groom play the Shoe Game while guests are getting dinner. Tell your love story through pictures, videos or voice recordings so guests get a glimpse of how you began as a couple rather than hearing it from your third cousin who may not get all the details right.

Your wedding reception does not have to be boring and predictable for your guests. Just remember that they are not only there to show love and support, but to join in the party and celebration right along with you!

Eric Robson, owner of Alaska Professional Entertainment, has been providing the music and magic to Alaska weddings for nearly 10 years. Visit