Look great in your photos

Q: I get nervous that my wedding photos might not look great. Can you give me some tips on the best way to pose in my wedding photos so I’ll look my best?

The first thing to do if you are worried about posing in your photos is to do your research when selecting a photographer. It’s important to hire someone who has a style that you like and makes you feel comfortable. Some photographers will give you very specific prompts, down to the tilt of your head and the direction of your gaze. Others will loosely pose you and then try to capture how you naturally react within that pose. Look through galleries on photographers’ websites and imagine yourself in those photos. When meeting with perspective photographers, ask them about how they like to pose couples.

Then, one of the best ways to get over your pre-wedding photo jitters is to do an engagement session with your wedding photographer. By working together ahead of time, you’ll get a feel for what it is like to be in front of the camera and your photographer will learn the best ways to highlight your chemistry as a couple. All of this will translate to more relaxed and flattering wedding photos!

If you’re still nervous after the session, talk to your photographer. Communication is key! If your photographer knows ahead of time that you might not like kissing photos or you’re anxious about the way your arms look, he/she will be able to pose you differently. And, last but not least, trust. You’ve done your research and hired a photographer who you like, so allow yourself to check that worry off the to-do list.

Sarah Freije, owner of Blueberry Hill Photography, is a lifelong Alaskan who is passionate about capturing real emotion, couples in love, and dreamy mountain settings. Visit