Gift registries

How far in advance should I set up my bridal registry?

We recommend that couples register 4-6 months before the wedding date.

What is your biggest piece of advice for couples creating a gift registry?

Sometimes couples come in to register and are "shy" about starting a list. We say there is no such thing as "having too much on your registry." Your wedding guests want different price point options, and they like to see a variety of products they can pick out and purchase for you. And register together; it's more fun!

Are there any overlooked items that you would recommend couples register for?

Gadgets! You don't think you will ever need that Avocado Saver or an Herb Stripper until you are in the middle of cooking your dinner and think, "Oh I wish I had _____ right now!" Also, couples always add wine glasses and other drinking glasses, but accessories like pitchers, cocktail shakers, decanters and other barware tools are often overlooked.

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We don’t want to do a traditional wedding registry – we already have more than enough housewares and furniture. What are some other registry options?

My favorite and probably the most popular alternative would be a honeymoon registry to help you pay for your honeymoon. You set up your “pretend” itinerary of what you would like to do with activities, meals, etc., and guests can apply money towards these items. In the end you get the lump sum of money minus the small fees that they charge. Other options to think about would be a charity, gift card or cash registry.

We would prefer to request cash that can be put towards something we truly want or need, such as a honeymoon, or even a deposit on a house. Is there a polite way to ask for cash?

The easiest way to communicate this without seeming impolite is to place a message on your wedding website letting your quests know that you have your basic household items and would greatly appreciate a monetary gift to help you set up your new life. Word of mouth is always a good option too; have your family and close friends spread the word for you. And don’t forget the golden rule: Never put your gift preferences or gift registry information on the wedding invitations!

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