Be Happy

Be happy!

Planning a wedding should be a fun, exciting time in your life, not a time of excessive stress and aggravation. We invest so much emotional energy in this one day that everything about it seems blown out of proportion. You can have a lovely day, and not make yourself sick with anxiety over the details.

During the wedding planning process, it’s important to keep your sense of humor! For example, seemingly insensitive things may pop out of people’s mouths (“You registered where? Oh, I hate that store…”). Try not to take random comments too seriously – just laugh them off! One piece of advice from many brides: Don’t stress over other people’s perceptions of what your wedding should be. As one Homer bride points out: “Have the wedding you want, not the wedding other people want for you.”

One way to keep your sense of humor is to work with only people you like. Hire wedding vendors only if you respect their skills and find them congenial. This occasion is too important to be spending time with those that are difficult.

Also, during your pre-wedding events – and even on your wedding day – it’s highly likely that something may go wrong or not exactly as planned. If anything goes awry, just roll with it and make the best of it. Remember what your wedding is really all about – at the end of the day, you will be married to the love of your life.