Bride’s emergency kit

A bag containing the following items should help save you from any little mishaps that may occur throughout the day and well into the night.


Antihistamines (non-drowsy)

Anti-static spray

Breath freshener (mints or gum)

Cell phone and charger

Comb and brush

Crazy glue

Dental floss


Double-sided tape or masking tape (repairs torn hems)

Extra contact lenses, solution and case

Extra hosiery

Eye drops

Feminine protection

Hair spray/hair gel

Hairpins, barrettes

Hand lotion

Lipstick, concealer, pressed powder makeup and compact mirror for touch-ups

Nail file, clippers, tweezers

Nail glue

Nail polish in your color, your attendants’ color and a clear color (for stocking runs)

Nail polish remover

Pain reliever

Pen and small note pad


Phone numbers of all wedding party members and service suppliers

Prescription medication for you and/or groom

Safety pins

Sewing kit, scissors

Small first aid kit


Stain remover


Toothbrush and toothpaste, travel size


Wet wipes

White chalk (covers stain spots on white dress)