Get grooming!

That wonderful woman you’re about to marry is running around at breakneck speed, treating this wedding like her full-time job. How on earth can you help?

If you don’t know what to do, just ask! If she says she’ll handle it all herself, it may be time to put in a call to her mother. Those extra brownie points never hurt, anyway.

Still not sure where to start? Here are a few “groomable” jobs for you to jump at:

The Budget

Help work out a wedding budget. Be prepared that hers will be much higher than yours. Yes, you could have purchased a slightly used Ferrari instead, but you only do this once. So, suggest having a dinner with both families where everyone can discuss what costs can be covered. Wedding budgets are kind of like the National Budget; its gonna cost a lot more than you expect.

The Transportation

Don’t all guys love cars? You may want to be the one to pick out a great limousine or classic car for you and your honey to be escorted around in on the Big Day. Keep in mind that the bride may not want to see you prior to walking down the aisle, so ask your friend with the SUV (so not to wrinkle the dress) to pick her up at the appropriate time and take her to the ceremony site. Also, you will need transportation to the wedding night location. Consider a limo service or a late night carriage ride so the Best Man doesn’t need to be the “designated driver.”

The Music

Why don’t you volunteer to research bands or DJs for the reception? If you do the legwork of gathering all the info, the two of you can then interview DJs or musicians to make the final decision. Put together a play list and a do-not-play list. A good DJ or band really can make or break the wedding, so make an informed decision.

The Food

Find a few caterers to interview, come up with a basic menu, and set up some tastings. You can even check with your favorite restaurant about catering the big shebang. If you have a favorite meal, try to find a caterer who can make it. With the right caterer, the food will be delicious and there will be something for everyone.

The Honeymoon

This is a traditional groom’s duty that’s got to be the best job of the whole process – organizing and planning your glorious post-nuptials blowout vacation. Choose a location you’ll both like. Remember: The honeymoon is not the time to get in a few rounds of golf! But, you could send her to a surprise half-day spa treatment and secretly get in 9 holes on the links. Most importantly, make it the most romantic vacation ever! (Brides: Drop hints to your guy by emailing him some fabulous honeymoon destinations.)

So don’t relegate yourself to the sidelines. Get involved and make your mark. After all, this wedding is half yours, and the ceremony and party should reflect that fact as much as possible.