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40 recent brides share what went right and what they’d do differently

What was one of your favorite memories from your wedding day?

• We almost broke the fellowship hall floor because we had so many people dancing!

• Watching my mom enjoy life without any worries. She was diagnosed with stage 3 terminal cancer and passed shortly after our wedding. She was very ill at the wedding, but you wouldn’t have been able to tell.

• We had our wedding in a public park. The crowd that surrounded and supported us when we were taking our vows was so touching.

• The fire sky lanterns. My husband and I lit the first one into the dark winter sky and our guests followed with more lanterns.

• The reaction I got from my husband when he saw me in my dress.

• During our ceremony, I gave lockets to my husband’s daughters as a symbol of accepting them as mine. Afterwards, my 6 year old said, “I almost cried when you gave me this. Now you are our real mom.”

• Jumping in the lake with my bridesmaids.

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What do you wish you had done differently
before your wedding day?

• Stopped trying to please everyone.

• Started the decor for the wedding much earlier.

• Saved more money.

• Planned fun activities with family who traveled up for the wedding.

• Sat back and really enjoyed being engaged.

• Asked for more help.

• Started looking for my wedding dress earlier. My “perfect dress” wasn’t available because it would take too long to order.

• Sent out invitations earlier.

What memories make you cringe?

• My wedding cake was awful. I let a someone buy it as a gift and they didn’t go to a professional. Gifts are great, but when it comes to your wedding, you need to call the shots.

• Our color theme was black, white and purple. Looking through pictures, the red Solo cups were an eyesore. Something so simple that you don’t think about until afterwards.

• I should’ve had it at a hall. I had my wedding at my very small home; it was intimate but most of my guests had to eat standing up and were very crowded.

• My shoes. I planned on wearing flip flops later in the night but my feet hurt just walking down the aisle. In a lot of my pictures my dress is folding towards the bottom because my flip flops didn’t give the height I needed.

• I looked unhappy in the pictures going down the aisle even though I wasn’t! I just kind of forgot about the camera.

• My mom almost missed it! She was supposed to walk me down the aisle but didn’t show up until 15 minutes before the ceremony.

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What do you wish you had spent more / less money on?

• The photographers, so we could have them for a few more hours.

• Videography. Don’t rely on a friend or family member to take an amateur video.

• The flowers.

• The reception venue.


• Wedding decorations.

• Food and alcohol. We had so much left over.

• Separate desserts from our wedding cake. Hardly anyone touched them.

• Keepsake items I gave to guests.

What do you wish you had paid more / less attention to?

• Taking photos with family. My grandparents came but I don’t have a picture with them.

• Organizing the setup. We got married on a mountain and didn’t plan the entrance of guests and the wedding party very well.

• Giving the photographer a list of shots that I wanted.

• Spending more time with my guests. My husband and I danced the night away instead of socializing.


• Making sure the bridal party was where they needed to be when they needed to be.

• What did not go right.

• Trying to make everyone happy.

• Trying to make everything perfect.

• All the small details and wedding decorations.

• The schedule. I spent so much time trying to get people to follow my schedule that I didn’t get to enjoy it as much.

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What do you regret not doing on your wedding day?

• Not getting more candid pictures.

• I wish I had danced more.

• Not eating our food.

• Not having a reception dress. It was really tasking to walk around in my heavy wedding dress all evening.

• Not going around to each of the tables and greeting/thanking our guests.

• I wish I had a picture with my mother while I was getting ready.

• Not writing a letter to my future husband.

• Not keeping me and my dress a secret until I walked down the aisle.

Bridezilla moments

• Right before the ceremony I confronted my maids on their inappropriate behavior towards me. They thought it was a free-for-all party and I was not having it. I yelled at them, scared my photographer and the reverend had to break us up.

• I yelled at the groomsmen when trying to get them all together for pictures.

• I was told there was no video camera right before I started to walk down the aisle. My friend who forgot the camera tried to blame it on me right then of all times! I freaked out a bit to say the least.

Best advice for a-bride-to-be

• If the wedding and reception are in different locations plan for travel time and photos.

• Request a tasting from your caterer before hiring them.

• Budget for dress alterations!

• Don’t save it all until the last minute. People who offered to help earlier may not be available when you get around to it.

• Stick to your budget! Starting a marriage with a lot of debt for one day isn’t worth it.

• Stay calm and remember: When things don’t go as planned (on your wedding day), most people won’t even know anything went wrong!

• Take the time to take a walk with your new husband away from everyone. The peace you will experience is priceless.

• Choose your ladies carefully. Irresponsible bridesmaids can cause a lot of problems.

• Make a list of everything you need to order and by when so it arrives in time to allow for a stress-free last couple weeks.

* Based on a 2013 survey of 40 Alaska brides married within the last 2 years.