Oh, Snap!

Photography Do’s and Don’ts

DO go with a pro

It’s not surprising that the number one piece of advice from professional photographers is to hire a professional, but there’s good reasoning behind it. Sure, your uncle might have a good camera, but he’s not going to get the shots that a professional will. There’s just no substitution for practice, practice, practice. You can trust an experienced photographer to create the high-quality photos you’re hoping for.

DON’T hire a photographer solely by price

If someone’s prices are way lower than most, ask yourself why. You might be getting a hobbyist, or a “weekend warrior,” who doesn’t have the kind of training and experience you’re looking for. People often lose focus by worrying about price when they should be concerned about the most critical element: Getting great photos. After all, when the cake is gone and the guests are gone, the wedding photos are the one thing you have to remember that day.

DO choose someone who you get along well with

Your wedding photographer will be up close and personal with you all day, so make sure you choose someone who you feel comfortable around. Consider interviewing several photographers to determine whether your personalities click. Even better is to see the photographer in action before the wedding. Work with them on an engagement shoot, for example, to make sure you’re comfortable with them. If it’s not a good fit, there is still plenty of time to choose a different photographer.

DON’T miss out on certain shots

When the wedding is over, many couples regret not taking enough photos, or missing out on certain shots. “I wish we had more portraits,” former bride Jenna says. “The time limit prevented us from going anywhere to do more couple shots.” Another former bride, Katy, was saddened when she realized she missed getting a photo with her 96-year-old grandmother. “It breaks my heart still to think about it,” she says. “When we were taking photos, it was so chaotic that I didn’t realize that my grandmother had left.”

DO have a timeline

So many wedding-day photo sessions go off the rails when there’s not enough time allotted for picture-taking. Creating a timeline can help. By giving some thought to the photographs you want and planning them out will keep the day fun and more relaxed. Plus, if the photographer, the couple and the bridal party are rushing, it will show in the photos. If you allow yourself the time, you’ll always get better images.


- Are you available for our wedding date?
- Have you ever worked at our ceremony and/or reception location? (If not, will you visit beforehand?)
- Can I see some full wedding albums?
- What do your packages include and what will cost extra?
- How would you describe your photography style?
- What sets you apart from others?
- What is it like to work with you on the day of the wedding?
- Can I speak to some former clients or read testimonials?
- Will you be the primary photographer on the day?
- Will there be a second shooter?
- How many hours will I have?
- When will you arrive?
- Do you have a standard shot list? Can I request specific shots?
- Do you offer an engagement shoot as part of your package?
- Will I receive digital copies of all images?
- Do you offer a printing and/or album service?
- How soon do I need to reserve your services?
- How much is the deposit and when do you need it by?
- When will I need to make the final payment?