Tip chart

Tipping Your Vendors

While tipping vendors is certainly not required, it is a nice gesture of gratitude for those individuals who have gone above and beyond to make your celebration extraordinary. Figuring out who to tip and how much is up to you, but if you need a little guidance, here’s a handy reference chart.

More tips about tipping:

• Some vendors will build a gratuity into their service fee so be sure to check your contracts closely to avoid double tipping. Other vendors will leave the amount up to you.

• If you have a coordinator or officiant who is unable to accept a monetary tip, or if you would like to thank one of those small business owners you are using, a small personal gift is a great option.

• If you have a coat-check or valet service, advise your vendors not to accept tips from your guests. You will be taking care of the tip – your guests are there to enjoy the occasion.

• Your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind. Don’t add stress – designate someone responsible to be in charge of delivering the tips, such as a parent or your wedding consultant. All monetary tips should be given in cash, typically placed in clearly labeled envelopes. Try to prepare these envelopes several days ahead.

• Remember: Referring your friends and family to the professional is the ultimate tip!