Here is a traditional breakdown of who pays for what. For many contemporary situations, it’s about who is able to afford the expense and if they are willing. Some brides and grooms or the families on either side often absorb their own wedding costs. Just remember to be honest, keep an open mind, communicate and always be gracious.

The Bride

• Groom’s wedding ring

• Groom’s wedding gift

• Bridesmaids’ gifts

• Personal stationery

The Bride's Family

• Invitations

• Services of bridal consultant

• Wedding gift for the couple

• Bride’s gown, veil, and accessories

• Their own attire

• Bride’s trousseau

• Bridesmaids’ luncheon

• Lodging for out-of-town bridesmaids

• Rental of sanctuary or other wedding site

• Fee for services performed by officiant

• Music for church and reception

• Flowers for the church

• Bridesmaids’ bouquets

• Reception expenses (including the rental fee, catering, wedding cake, bar, music, flowers, decorations, gratuities)

• Wedding and reception photography

• Videography

• Transportation for the bridal party on the wedding day

• A traffic officer if needed for parking

The Bridal Attendants

• Purchase of apparel and all accessories

• Transportation to and from the city where wedding takes place

• Contribution to gift from all bridesmaids to the bride

• Bridal shower or luncheon

The Groom

• Bride’s engagement and wedding rings

• Bride’s wedding gift

• Gifts for best man and groomsmen

• His own attire

• Marriage license

• Clergy or judge’s fee

• Bride’s bouquet and her going-away flowers

• Flowers for the mothers and grandmothers

• Boutonnieres for all men in the wedding party

• Groomsmen’s gloves, ties, and ascots (if not part of the rental)

• Transportation for officiant, groomsmen, and groom’s family

• Lodging expenses for officiant if from another town

The Groom's Family

• Lodging for out-of-town groomsmen

• Their own wedding attire

• Their own travel and lodging

• Wedding gift for the couple

• The rehearsal dinner

The Best Man/Groomsmen

• Wedding attire

• Transportation to and from the wedding city

• Contribution to gift from all groom’s attendants to groom

• Individual gift to the couple

• Bachelor party