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Outdoor weddings: Plan for bad weather

Q: I love the look of an outdoor wedding but the weather component makes me nervous. What can I do in the event of bad weather?

A: There is just something special about an outdoor summer wedding. While I love seeing the long farm tables out in the open that we see from the lower 48, it is a huge risk to forgo a wedding tent here. Unless you are having a tiny wedding of eight people, quickly moving a table and your guests inside if wind or rain picks up is nearly impossible. I have worked plenty of events where the weather forecast was for clear sunny skies and out of nowhere rain or wind rolled in. Weather in Alaska can be unpredictable and oftentimes we have wet and cool summers.

If you are still hesitant about a wedding tent, consider these pros:

1. The white wedding tents diffuse the summer midnight sun and everyone looks great under a tent.

2. There are so many more options for decorating with a tent when you can hang cafe lights, floral chandeliers and more overhead.

3. Tents come with walls that even have windows in them, so you can still enjoy the view.

4. Add some tent heaters and all of your guests (even the ones from California) will be nice and cozy.

Rebecca Kopperud is the owner of La Boum Events, Alaska's premier event planning and design firm. Visit