Catering trends

Q: We'd love to try something different for our upcoming reception. What are some of the latest trends in catering that will impress our guests and please every palate?

I would have to say that what is really trending lately is "fun." I'm not really sure yet if it has a lot to do with the economy’s impact on wedding budgets or if millennials are driving the change to be different, but I have to say it's been a lot more fun.

For example, couples are breaking away from the traditional steak and chicken plates and ice carvings that can run between $35-$50 per person and instead moving towards menus like a nacho/taco bar with a flowing nacho cheese fountain for $19 per person. Or they’re requesting food trucks serve at their reception instead of a buffet line. One thing I have noticed is that the bride and groom are genuinely having fun.

My wife and I used to make the joke that a reception is a very expensive party that the bride and groom throw for their friends to have fun, but now it seems like the shift with this "fun" movement is that the bride and groom get to also join the party and for a whole lot less money.

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