Ask the Expert

Choosing your crowning glory

Q: After watching the Royal Wedding, I am feeling the urge to rock a tiara on my wedding day. How do I choose a tiara that will work for me and my wedding style? What's the difference between a crown and a tiara? And how do I wear one without it falling off my head?

A: After you choose your gown, you should try on a variety of tiaras. There are different sizes, from small to very large, which also means lighter to heavier. A crown is a full circle of enclosed metal and design. Tiaras are a semi-circle with loop holes at the ends. The design is only in the front of the headpiece.

Depending on the amount of sparkle you might want, tiaras can be smaller like a flat headband style or larger like a fascinator that stands up. Take a look at the colors of the headpiece: Keep in mind that the colors of the metal and stones, pearls or beads should be complementary to the gown so as not to clash with your overall look. It’s your day – add color to whatever stays true to you as a couple and depicts your personal style.

Crowns and tiaras can be worn with any hairstyle; however, crowns are much heavier and usually require an updo hairstyle for the best look. How to keep them in place? Crowns should just sit on your head, but bobby pins are a tiara’s best friend! (The tiara’s end loops are there for a reason: bobby pins.) Your hairdresser will know best how to secure your hairpieces.

Tiaras and crowns are a matter of personal taste – it’s a matter of what makes your heart sing and makes you feel like a bride! Choose the one that releases your Inner Princess!

Orainda Beile is the owner of Orainda's Bridal Boutique in Anchorage.