Last-minute fitness

Q: My wedding is in a couple months and I haven’t started a fitness program. Are there any quick last-minute routines I can do so that I feel confident walking down the aisle?

I think people always feel the most confident when they are highlighting their own favorite features, whatever that may be. So although I wouldn’t shy away from working on any areas you want to tone up, I think giving that little “oomph” to your favorite features will give you a confidence you’ll end up seeing in every photo.

If you think you have great arms and want to show them off, pick a different arm group each week, such as biceps, triceps, etc., and work on it for 15-minutes, three days a week. This is a small, low-maintenance commitment that will pay off and make you feel great. Other last-minute fitness ideas are ones you can incorporate into your daily life. These can be as simple as doing 20 squats every time you use the restroom, 15 lunges on each leg during commercials of your favorite show, and 50 crunches before you shower. You can get as creative as you want, but these tips will allow you to work on your fitness routine every day without having to carve time out of your day. I promise, if you commit, you will feel and see the difference walking down the aisle. The habits may even follow you into married life, as well!

Lastly, I think being happy and having fun can give people confidence all on their own. So, grab a friend, pick some great music, and whatever routine you end up doing, have some fun with it!

A fitness expert at The Alaska Club, Julie Shields is a former collegiate soccer player, and currently coaches soccer. Visit