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A groom’s best wedding day style

Q: Any advice for helping a groom-to-be find his best wedding day style? Also, are there any stylish ways a groom can personalize his look and/or stand out in the crowd? Any fashion ‘don'ts’ to keep in mind?

A: Seems like the whole wedding is about the bride and the dress, yet it takes two to tango. What about her man? What should he consider for his perfect look? There are many options from shorts and sandals to a kilt with lace up boots; yet nothing says "I'm dressed to the nines" like a tuxedo! Currently, tuxedo styles are hotter than ever with premium fabrics and the highest thread counts ever offered. Slim fit and Ultra slim fit tuxedos offer a modern flare and provide excellent fits and looks. Coming in several colors to choose from, you can acquire a high-end look with an exceptional feel. To add additional flare, consider pairing your tuxedo with a bow tie and a combination of two or three different colored pocket squares. Bow ties are back and are offered in many different colors and patterns. Whatever you do, make your day all about your style and make a statement of class and elegance (yes, us guys can be elegant too!).

It’s always a good thing to have the groom throw in a little variation as well (as if the audience doesn't know which one he is)! A definite “must” is to make sure to wear a different color boutonniere. You could consider having the groomsmen wear vests that match the bridesmaids’ dresses, while you wear a different complementing color; silver or black works well and streamlines a classic look. Perhaps you will choose to wear a different color coat but in the same style – groomsmen in light grey and you in steel grey, for example. Or, you could wear a coat and the groomsmen go without, instead wearing colored suspenders. A simple and fun idea is for you to wear a bow tie while they wear long ties, or vice-versa. There are other subtle things you can do, like having different cufflinks. No one may notice, but it could be a small secret detail between you and your bride.

There really aren't any “no-no's" when you are choosing what to wear on your wedding day, but I would strongly suggest that you think "what are the pictures going to look like?" These pictures will provide lasting memories and we all need to think about fads. Will the picture outlast the fad? For this reason, I am personally more drawn to maintaining a modern "classic" look for the formal shots and then for the casual shots break out the hip boots, shorts and Xtratufs. Always remember a picture lasts a lifetime.

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