The perfect honeymoon – for both of you

Q: My soon-to-be husband and I would like to take an extended honeymoon. I like the idea of experiencing the culture, but my husband just wants to be a bum on the beach. What are some good locations for a long trip that includes both of our interests?

There are several destinations around the world that provide a great combination of amazing beaches and cultural immersion. In the South Pacific, Fiji is an amazingly tranquil and serene honeymoon destination with gorgeous sunsets on pristine beaches, perfect palm trees and waters so blue they glow. The local people exemplify the culture. When visiting a local market, you will be greeted by native Fijians, Indian Fijians, and get to sample the local culinary delights. You can end your day on the beach with a native dance performance or reenactment of the days when the islands were in a constant war zone with Cannibal chiefs fighting each other for land and power.

If you have always dreamed of a European vacation, the Spanish island of Majorca in the Mediterranean Sea is a perfect option for both of you. The island is known for its beautiful beaches, sheltered coves, as well as Roman and Moorish remains, art galleries, cathedrals and stone-built villages.

It’s hard to find a better combination of awe-inspiring beaches and other worldly culture than in Asia. Hua Hin, Thailand is a once sleepy fishing village now known as the leading spa and golf location in the country. You can relax on the beaches and be pampered like royalty or choose to visit a temple, Buddha statue or the busy fisherman’s quarter where you watch locals repair their nets or peel giant crabs in front of their houses.

If you prefer to remain stateside, a trip to Hawaii is a must. Hawaii has the perfect beach for everyone with churning 30-foot surfing waves on one shore and tranquil turquoise waters with soft sandy beaches down the shoreline. What sets Hawaii apart from other tropical islands is the culture. The Hawaiian culture is rich, mysterious and unique with captivating music, dancing, legends and traditions. The most beautiful custom starts your vacation with the receiving of a flower lei and continues by attending a luau dinner with hula dancing, music and ancient Hawaiian storytelling.

To make sure you find the perfect destination for both of you, take some time to discuss more about how you envision your honeymoon and the specific experiences you want to enjoy. Consider a customized vacation so all you have to do is enjoy and make memories.

Gretchen Ruhl is the franchise owner of Cruise Planners in Anchorage, specializing in land and cruise travel. She has a passion for travel, adventure and helping vacationers make memories that last a lifetime. Visit