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Photos with personality

Q: We'd love to capture some playful and fun photos on our wedding day to show off our personalities. Any ideas?

A: We get a lot of clients who like to incorporate something personal into their wedding day that is a reflection of their normal day-to-day life:

Hopping on ATVs, going for a quick flight in the couple's airplane, grabbing some fishing photos at a river or lake or wearing their favorite sports team's jersey.

We've even had brides and grooms put their skis on for a quick run down the slopes! We love when our clients bring along some personal props or something meaningful to them.

One of the more interesting requests I've had recently is a bride who wanted to get some photos of her knitting at the top of a mountain. Knitting is a big part of who she is and what she does when she's just hanging out, so she brought along some yarn and we got some fun shots of her "extreme knitting" – in a wedding dress on a mountain in the winter!

Some couples bring along a family heirloom, such as an antique car to drive off in at the end of the night, or just to do photos with. Of course, a lot of people love their dogs, and this is probably the most common addition to a wedding – the Ring Dog.

The more you can do to personalize your wedding, the more fun and unique it will be.

Photographer Joe Connolly owns Chugach Peaks Photography and has captured the wedding memories of more than 1000 couples over the years. Joe strives to capture his clients’ personalities and each wedding he shoots is as unique as the couples themselves. Visit