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Save money with a wedding planner?

Q: I've heard that a wedding planner can help couples not only save time and stress, but also save money on their big day? How?

A: Once you’ve made the decision to hire a wedding planner, you will be setting yourselves up for success. When you start planning your wedding, you may not have a lot of knowledge about the industry, such as what to do first and who has the best prices. Also, you may not realize or have access to all the possibilities available for a successful wedding. A planner can help you break down your overall budget. Where you want to use your budget, from highest priority to lowest. This will help the planner figure out what vendors to contact and in price ranges that you’re comfortable with.

Wedding planners may not be able to give you an abundance of discounts but what they can do is help you plan accordingly to save money in the long run. A wedding planner’s experience, ideas and suggestions can be beneficial to help you create realistic inspiration, manage your budget, and to not overspend on things you may not actually need. Your wedding planner can help you save money and manage your budget by guiding you in the right direction. Your planner may suggest getting married on an off-peak wedding day to save on the cost of a venue you have your heart set on. Other savings options may include shaving down your guest list, or creating pieces that you can repurpose from the aisle into the reception, getting more out of your dollar.

An experienced wedding planner will also know if a quote is too high. One thing to remember in the planning process is that even though you may think a vendor should only cost X amount of dollars, it might be more or could even be less than you expect. Trust your planner to guide you in the right direction and in the end your family, guests and especially you will enjoy a stress-free wedding of your dreams!

Saige Stefanski is the Owner, Chief Planner and Designer at A Touch of Saige Events. Services include engagement proposals, elopements, day-of to full-wedding planning, rentals and photo booths. Visit