Create beautiful tables

Q: I don’t know what to put on our reception tables, but I want them to look stunning. Any tips for helping us create a ‘look’ for our tables?

When choosing a look for reception tables, I like to begin with the shape of the tables. If your venue allows for the space, I love the look of long tables versus circular ones, as long tables can have a more dramatic effect and are very trendy this year.

Next, let’s talk chairs: They can make or break your look. Most venues will provide chairs with the tables but if you really want that “wow” factor, consider renting some Chiavari chairs. If that’s not in your budget, rent chair covers for a pleasing look.

Creating a beautiful table setting is like creating a piece of art. Make sure you know where you want your focal point to be. Try a light neutral color for your tablecloths and make sure they are wrinkle free. Now add your colors: When choosing colors try to stick to one main color and two accent colors. Choose one element on your table, such as the centerpiece, to be the main color. Make sure your tablecloth and centerpiece are not the same color or they will blend together. If you want a bold look, go for a colored tablecloth in your main color, and use your accents to decorate the table.

I like to create balance by adding multiple heights to the centerpiece. Long, lush and low centerpieces are a beautiful way to cover the length of your elongated tables and are the current trend. If possible, a hanging centerpiece is gorgeous and will create a dramatic and intimate atmosphere. If your reception is in a tall banquet hall, perhaps you would like a taller centerpiece to fill the space.

As with any element in your wedding, make sure you set a mock table before your event so you know that you have a cohesive design. Don't be afraid to add a personalized touch to make your reception as unique as you both are.

Liliana ‘Lana’ Griffiths, a former professional ballet dancer, has taken her love for the theater into event planning for La Boum Events. Visit