Ask the Expert

Why hire a wedding planner?

Q: I've been toying with the idea of hiring a wedding planner. What are the main reasons why a bride should hire one?

A: Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! This should be a very exciting and stress-free time for you and your families. While planning a wedding ceremony and reception may seem overwhelming at first, with a little guidance, it’ll be a piece of cake in no time. Relax, enjoy and most importantly: This is YOUR day, so make sure it is done YOUR way!

Grab a pen and some paper; you will want to write things down. Thoughts and ideas will come rushing in and the more you write down and remember, the better planned out YOUR day will be. After you have gathered your thoughts and ideas, looked through magazines, browsed the world wide web and talked to family and friends, this is a great time to chat with a wedding planner. A wedding planner will help you put all the “puzzle pieces” of YOUR day together. He or she will be great in helping you organize everything you have, remind you of things that maybe you didn’t think of and keep you on track for the big day. A wedding planner is a great “go-to” person during your planning process; you really can’t go wrong having one!

Hiring a wedding planner has all kinds of benefits, from relieving stress to saving money and making sure your big day is wonderful. An experienced wedding planner can give you tips on what they’ve seen work and what doesn’t, as well as give you suggestions on how and where to save money. For example, you’d be amazed on how perfect and elegant you can make cheap cereal bowls look for centerpiece floral arrangements.

Some great places to inquire about wedding planners in Alaska would be Alaska Bride & Groom magazine, word of mouth and, of course, social media. Contact and meet with a couple of planners and then go with your gut when you choose one. You’ll know when you’ve met the right person for the job.

Planning a wedding is overwhelming so let someone help! It’s okay to have family and friends help with some things, but you want them to enjoy the day too and sometimes it’s easier to have outside advice, to avoid feelings getting hurt, etc.

Heather Siegel has worked with couples and their families in Alaska for 14 years. Visit Facebook “B2E – Beginning 2 End.”