harmonious hues

Photos by Farrar Photography

Struggling to find a color scheme for your wedding flowers?

Before you start seeing red, try this: Pick just one color, then take a spin on the color wheel to find colors that are nearby or adjacent to it. You can create soothing, harmonious color schemes by using these "analogous" colors. Think melodious mixes like blue, blue-violet and blue-green, or red, red-orange and red-violet. Not only does this make for some classy combinations, but also makes it so much easier than trying to match “exactly” all dresses, flowers, tablecloths and other elements of your event. So let your imagination bloom! Here are some examples of beautiful bouquets with colorful cohesion.

In this bouquet: A mixture of pink and watermelon colored roses, pink hydrangea, burgundy cymbidium orchids, medium pink spray roses, heather and pink dianthus with pink button and jewel wire accents, pink burlap and a ribbon handle wrap.

Designed by: Mylord's Floral, Anchorage

In this bouquet: A variety of greens, including cymbidiums, green globes, fuji ums, hypericum, ruscus, succulents, lily grass calathea leaves and hanging amaranthus.

Designed by: Hope Hestand, Uptown Blossoms, Anchorage

In this bouquet: A color palette ranging from red to orange, including Mokara orchids, red roses, orange spray roses, mango cala lilies, and red hypericum.

Designed by: Alaska Flower Shop, Anchorage