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 You're Engaged!
Now what?
You're probably feeling a little overwhelmed by all of the planning ahead and not sure where to start. So, to help keep you on track, here are some of the first steps and must-dos to begin your big adventure.
  SHARE THE NEWS! Call your loved ones and closest friends to share the great news. Make sure to tell your close friends and family right away; don’t let them find out the news on social media. They all want to hear from you first.
FLOAT ON CLOUD 9! Enjoy being engaged before you dive into wedding planning. Celebrate with loved ones, pop the champagne and flaunt that ring!
PICK A DATE. As soon as you announce your engagement just about everyone will ask you if you have set a date. Don’t set it for them though. The date you choose may impact decisions you make on the venue, flowers, theme, attire
– and budget. Also, think about your work or school schedules, and when you can easily take time off work to be able to really enjoy your wedding and the honeymoon to follow. Also, try to avoid conflicting dates such as your brother’s graduation, or large crowd-drawing
events if you’ll have visitors in need of hotel rooms. Keep these things in mind when picking this important date. (Once your venue site is set, a solid date is possible.)
SET A BUDGET. The number you set will impact every decision you make from now until your big day. Sit down with family and determine who will be contributing to the budget and for how much. Do you want a big wedding with all the bells and whistles or a smaller affair with just your closest friends and
family? What can you really afford? These are questions you need to consider before you start moving into the actual planning phase. It’s important to nail down a solid overall budget before making any big decisions, and definitely before signing any agreements with vendors. (To help you allocate
your expenses, check out our Wedding Budget Worksheet at pdfs/budget.)
Prior to looking at wedding venues, you
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