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From round to hand-tied to cascading – bridal bouquets come in many shapes and sizes. Here, we've outlined a few of the most popular styles. Which type of wedding bouquet speaks to you and your wedding style? Identifying your favorite floral design will be helpful as you communicate your ideas to your florist.
Cascading bridal bouquets are just what they sound like: arrangements that cascade downward (like a waterfall). Think wispy, long vines spilling forward in front of your hands. This type of bridal bouquet makes a strong style statement, so make sure to keep your wedding dress and other accessories fairly simple.
Posy bridal bouquets are typically meant to be held in one hand (while round bouquets are held using both hands) and are often given to grandmothers, mothers, bridesmaids and/ or flower girls for their walk down the aisle. Just like
a round bouquet, they’re arranged into a round dome. It can be great as a bridal bouquet too if you are petite, on a budget or have an intricate dress where you want to keep your flowers understated.
One of the most traditional bouquets and ideal for a formal wedding, round bouquets typically consist of one or two types of florals (or varying types of florals in a single color) arranged in a perfect dome. Stems are wrapped tight with a silk ribbon.
The hand-tied bouquet is one of the most popular of designs for bouquets. From compact to wild and loose, hand-tied bouquets are typically tied off by ribbons or twine (with stems left showing at the bottom for that "fresh-picked-flowers" feel). Often an assortment of both flowers and greenery, they're meant to feel less constricted and “looser” than typical round bridal bouquets.
This gorgeous bouquet, also known as a glamelia, is actually composed of individual petals, which are arranged and secured to resemble a single large bloom. These highly stylized bouquets are very unique and perfect for the bride who wants a bit of drama!
A popular and modern design, the asymmetrical bouquet doesn’t look the same on both sides. It mixes a variety of flowers and greenery in varying stem lengths for a perfectly imperfect – yet creative and diverse – look.
A nosegay bridal bouquet is similar to a posy bouquet, only it contains more greenery than a posy. While a posy is typically focused on all florals, a nosegay will have leaves or greenery that peep through as well, with the focus being on just a few floral stems (as opposed to an entire bunch of them). Just like a posy, a nosegay bouquet is small and hand- tied. Its small-size style works well as a bridesmaid bouquet.
Pageant bouquets are usually made with long stem flowers and are designed to lie against the bride’s arm with the flower heads resting just above her elbows. The best thing about these bouquets is that they are perfect for showing off flowers with longer stems such as orchids, roses, calla lilies, snapdragons, lavender and more.
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