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                                    46  A l a s k a B r i d e & G r o o m  2024Bride’s name: Kara Tuohy Groom’s name: Regan Shaw How they met: The couple met in April 2014 at a ski resort where they held the 1960’s Winter Olympics. “We crossed paths while working together at the banquet kitchen at the resort. Years later, through the powers of Instagram, and a 30th birthday Europe trip, we began talking which soon led to our first date.”Number of guests: 45 Wedding colors: Burnt orange, rust, sage, mustard yellow, and peachUnique and special aspects of the day: “We were married on the Summer Solstice and on the banks of the Kenai River. The groom and groomsmen wore fly-fishing flies for boutonnieres. We had a familystyle dinner with sockeye salmon, truffle mushroom panzanella salad, beet with goat cheese blood orange arugula salad, and summer grilled veggies.””Most memorable moment...For her: “How Regan and I were the first ones that woke up on our wedding day and got into the hot tub to enjoy the calming view of the Kenai River and a cup of coffee. Having a special father of the bride dance and how everything I planned came together like magic.”For him: “Kara walking down the aisle. I was about to burst into tears until my brother asked me quietly about holding the ring because it wasn’t rehearsed like that the night before.” Three words that best describe their day: “Wholesome, sentimental, vintage.”Best advice for a couple planning their wedding: “Make time for the two of you to have 15 minutes by yourselves. The day goes by super fast and just having the time to breathe, eat and have a moment with your new spouse really helps.”
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