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 them to witness the Jewish traditions and blend the traditions together. The next day Justin and I had an intimate Christian ceremony by ourselves at a local Christian church in Moose Pass; it was very romantic."
Most memorable moment...
For her: "Seeing Justin as my father walked me down the aisle and my father giving me away; it was a very emotional and happy moment for me."
For him: "Seeing Ashley for the first time in her dress during our 'First Look'! That was a special moment we were able to spend alone together and soak each other in."
Funniest moment: "I wouldn't say this is exactly funny but rather fun: It rained all morning through the ceremony. Luckily, we rented clear umbrellas just in case. We didn't even bother putting the chairs out for the ceremony; everyone stood as we very much fast-walked down the aisle. Looking back, we were
stressing over the rain but we ended up getting beautiful photos with all the umbrellas and it cleared up by the time the reception was going."
Three words that best their day: "FUN, romantic, love"
If they had the chance to do it again, what they would
do differently: "I was so stressed the days leading up to the wedding, for no reason. If I could do it over again, I would let go, relax and enjoy those little moments leading up to the big day.”
Best advice for a couple planning their wedding: "Splurge on the videographer and photographer! We love reliving our day by watching our wedding video and looking through photos!"
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