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  Bride’s name: Jennifer Yates Groom’s name: Ryan Baumgartner
How they met: Through a dating app. "I was on there trying to make myself feel better after a rough breakup," recalls Jennifer. "Turns out Ryan was on there for the same reason. ... Honestly though, we were both tired of it. So
I sent him my number and told him to text if interested – and he did! We went to Marcello’s for our first date and spent three hours talking. Since then, we’ve been mostly inseparable!"
Number of guests: 20 Wedding colors: Teal
Unique and special aspects of the day:
"After planning for a wedding in Hawaii and COVID disrupting those plans, we went from
a tropical theme to a mountain theme almost overnight," says Jennifer. "I was skeptical because I had always wanted my tropical wedding at sunset; when that plan fell through, I was sure I would regret not waiting. I was wrong. We chose the Mountain View Venue – this included a tram ride up to our beautiful site. The weather was fantastic, vistas just stunning. I may not have gotten what I thought was my dream wedding – I got an even better one. I definitely am so grateful to (our wedding planner) for turning all of it around in five weeks." Ryan, too, fondly remembers the location: "With all the craziness surrounding COVID, the intimacy and location on top of the mountain with our loved ones was unforgettable."
Most memorable moment...
For her: "Our beautiful ceremony – it was simple but Ryan and I had written our own vows. His were so perfect and beautiful, I cried; thankfully I had tissues in my pockets (yes, my dress had pockets!)."
For him: "I’m sure this is said all too often, but seeing Jennifer in her dress walking down to the ceremony. She was absolutely stunning, glowing with happiness. I recall focusing on breathing so I didn’t turn into a blubbering fool as she approached. Those memories and the complement of profound emotions are always what first come to mind.”
Funniest moment: "We are big fans of The Princess Bride movie – we really wanted our minister to recite the marriage scene from
that – ‘Mawwaige, mawwaige is what brings
us together today.’ Our minister, Cian, was amazing; when I first pitched the idea to him, he laughed and said he’d practice and do his best. I knew it would lighten the mood, and I was right! Our nerves melted away as Ryan and I knew what was coming and no one else did – the surprise and laughter was so worth it, and Cian did amazing!"
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